What are we building?

Our next project is a public Web Application that begins by asking a simple question: “What have you been called today?”. Users continue on to a selection of tiles, each one consisting of adjectives that are either positive or negative. Our minimum viable product is as follows:
  1. Select any number of tiles. If no tiles are selected, give the user the ability to refresh new words.
  2. Once the selection is submitted, the user is brought to an analytics page.
  3. The analytics page displays statistical metrics based on the words that were chosen.

Why are we building this?

We want to grow our portfolio with a variety of creative personal or business projects & expand our knowledge of modern Web Application technologies & managing production systems.
Words have an incredible impact on individuals, we want to shine a light onto that concept.


For this project, we will be using the following technology stack:
  • MariaDB
  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS
  • Docker

Additional / Feedback

We’ll be posting regular updates on a variety of topics & findings related to this project.


Any questions, ideas, feedback, or need a quote? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us here¬†or leave a comment below.


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