The Last Handful of Clover is an LGBTQ+ supernatural thriller written by author Wess Mongo Jolley. We helped Wess realize his goal of an impactful design for the book cover & marketing materials. His writings are available on patreon.

Get in touch with us if you need graphics designed for your project. We’ll ensure it’s stunning, beautiful, & ready to showcase to your clientele. Here is a synopsis of the book:

“A seemingly random act of violence propels Professor Richard Pratt into “The Hereafter.” It is a strange, muted, netherworld of the dead—a world in which he is forced to bear witness to the loss and suffering of the man he left behind, and to the rapid demise of the city he called home. And when the other denizens of his ghostly realm begin to enact a brutal revenge on the world of the living, it is only Richard Pratt that can save them.”

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